I have been wanting to do this comparison/review for a while now. I would have done a video review, but I have a face more suited for radio. Both the test guns are 100% stock. Nothing done at all to enhance, alter, improve or customize.

More than 70% of law enforcement officers in the US carry Glocks and it has become almost an alternative name for any semi-automatic handgun. So its been Glock versus the rest for the world since the early 80’s when it comes to semi-auto handguns. Springfield or rather Hrvatski Samokres (Croatian Pistol) entered the polymer handgun scene with the introduction of the XD (HS2000) back in the mid 90’s.

I picked these two handguns to compare against each other because it’s more of an ‘apple vs apple’ look. Let me make my case for that: Glock has 3 9mm frames (well 5, but we will not be counting the select fire G18 or the ‘competition’ G34) So there is the 17, 19 and 26; the 17 being the largest of the 3 and the 26 the smallest making the 19 right in the middle. XD(m) has 3 9mm frames (ok 4, but again, we’re not counting the ‘competition’ 5.25). They offer the 3.8 compact, 3.8, and the 4.5 again leaving the 3.8 right in the middle.

I have fired over 500 rounds in each, everything from Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX to bulk 124gr FMJ and handloaded 158gr JHP with never a failure to feed, or failure to fire, or failure to eject in either. So for reliability, I would say its even so far. Now for accuracy, I do not have any targets to show or an exact distance to report (it was about 25 feet), but both will shoot where you aim. I would give a slight edge to the XD(m), maybe it has something to do with the ‘match’ barrel, or the fact that it’s somewhat heavier or longer in the hand but I was hitting a 6" steel plate at 75 ft 8 out of 10 time with the XD(m) and 7 out of 10 with the Glock. Both are excellent shooters.

While we are talking about shooting, I find the trigger pull a little bit ‘cleaner’ in the Glock with a trigger pull weight of 5lbs 14oz but the Glock has a much shorter reset, only about .11 inches. The XD(m) has a slightly ‘squishy’ trigger with a pull weight of 5lb 8oz and a longer reset of .22 inches.* The nod goes to Glock.

Both can be ‘field stripped’ easily and are broken down to magazine, barrel, recoil spring, slide and frame. As for frame sizes, the thickest part of the Glock came in at 1.19 inches and the XD(m) at 1.29 inches. Not a big difference unless you use it as a CCW. Now the grips are where most notice a difference when picking them up for the first time. I have heard Glock grips referred to as a 2x4, well it came in at 1.19 x 2.31 inches, not a 2x4 but almost a quarter of an inch longer (front to back) than the 1.19 x 2.08 grip of the XD(m) (The XD(m) comes with interchangeable backstraps and the medium one is installed for this comparison.). The frame, minus the slide and magazine, of the Glock weighed in at 4.8oz and the XD(m) came in at 8oz, big difference but the XD(m) is taller at 4.32 inches where the Glock is only 3.65 inches. Both have an accessory rail in the frame under the barrel. The texture on the XD(m) is more to my liking than the finger grooves of the Glock but that is only a personal preference. Not sure who wins this round...

Moving on to the barrels, The Glock’s came in at 3.87 inches long and .12 inches thick walls, an overall diameter of .57 inches and weighs 3.8oz. The XD(m)’s barrel is 3.65 inches long, .10 inch thick walls with an overall diameter of .52 inches and weighs 3.4. Both have a twist rate of 1:16.
There is not a lot of differences in the slides other than cosmetic with the Glock being ‘boxie’ and the XD(m) having grooves on the front and rear. The further apart the front and rear sights are the more accurate they are. The distance between the sights on the Glock are 6.02 inches and the XD(m) are 5.95 inches. Both sights are adequate but there are better after market sights out there. In my opinion another notch for the XD(m),

So on to the recoil springs. This is where there is a big difference if you ask me. The XD(m) is heavier at 1.2oz and made of metal guide rod with a two spring setup. The Glock’s has a plastic guide rod and a single spring setup and only weighs .4oz. Now I know they sell an upgrade but this is a stock comparison. Hands down XD(m) on this one.

That leaves the magazines for last. The biggest difference in them is the round count. Standard Glock 19 magazine are plastic and holds 15 rounds and the standard XD(m) magazine is metal and holds 19 rounds. That’s 4 extra rounds from the XD(m) and if you are not completely sold on the lethality of the 9mm that extra 4 rounds could help you sleep better at night. 19 rounds is almost 3 times as many rounds as the old 1911 holds. Now the Glock 19 can use the Glock 18 33 round mags but that’s only practical for range use, if you ask me. At this time there is nothing that comes close to 30+ rounds for the XD(m). Fully loaded the Glock weighs in at 1lb 13.4oz and the XD(m) is 2lb 3.4oz.** I'm giving this one to the XD(m).

The best way to sum this up (and shortest now that I see how long this review is) is this: If I was only going to shoot at the range, out of these two, I would take the XD(m) but if I was only looking for a CCW I would take the G19 over the XD(m). If I could only have one, I would go with the XD(m), 4 extra rounds, fits better in my hand and the added weight is not an issue for me. Your results my vary. 

*All weights and leighs were an average of 3 pulls/resets.
**Loaded with Hornady Critical Defense FTX.