I love old Colts! I had another 1911 on my bench this week that I wanted to share. It is a 1953 Colt 38 Super. Colt more or less rebranded the 38ACP as the 38 Super in 1929 and claimed it would take down any animal in North America and that it was more powerful than the 45ACP. Colt made 202,388 1911’s in 38 Super from 1929 to 1971. While not rare, they are not super common either (see what I did there? Super common? because it’s a 38 Super? A little gunsmith humor, we don’t get out much).

The 38 Super has made a comeback in the last 35 years with competitive shooting. It’s a great target round! Easy recoil for follow up shots, flatter shooting for better accuracy, and slightly smaller than the 45 so a few extra rounds in the magazine. Custom built 1911’s are the most common gun to find chambered in 38 Super nowadays. It’s a great round and I can’t figure out why it has not caught on more. A little louder than the 45acp but not like a 10mm. Most people that shoot it for the first time get a smile on their face like they know they just shot something special.

This one came in to have the extractor fixed then tuned, trigger lightened and shortened, and a new finish with Cerakote.  As you can tell by the photos, the finish is far from perfect. If it were mine, I would re-blue it, but the owner wants Cerakoted. Now the customer just needs some new grips.