I've posted about this Marlin 94 in 38-40 that is my Great Grandfather's that my Uncle is now the proud owner of before and I have the task of restoring it. This will be a complete restore, slow rust bluing and refinishing the wood. I will try to keep up with posting pictures as I go and share here. With this rifle being as old as it is rust bluing was the only way to go, anything else would have been an abomination, and I would fear the wrath of the gun gods. But I did not try to remove 100% of the nicks and scratches because this rifle has been in the family since it was new, those nicks and scratches tell stories from those already gone that used this rifle.This is what I have done so far:

Here is what I was starting with, zero bluing left and some slight pitting:

Here is it all blown apart, 108 years of grit and grim:

And all stripped, cleaned, and lightly sanded to get out some of the pitting:

First pass with the bluing, I'm using Laurel Mountain Forge Barrel Brown & Degreasers:

And after 3 hours rusting and 5 min in boiling water:

Round #2 Rusting!
Side note, anyone else thinks this would be an awesome mobile to hang over the bed? just me?

After the 2nd boil:
You can see how its getting darker and richer in color. I will do another 3 maybe even as much as 5 more rust and boil rounds to get it as dark and true as possible.