I want to take a few minutes and talk about some basic firearm safety.

I think this is something that should be taught to EVERYONE no matter if they have firearms in the home or not, especially kids. And it does not have to be a long drawn out boring lecture, even if it’s just the four cardinal rules.

Rule number 1. Always treat every firearm as if it’s loaded.

                This rule is to help get you in the mindset that you are holding something that has the potential to take a life, and to help you take the next two rules very seriously. This is especially true if you are unsure if it is loaded or not and even if someone tells you it is not loaded, you should still treat it as if it is. The number one thing people say when they accidently shoot something/someone they did not intend to is: “I didn’t know it was loaded.”

Rule number 2. Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy.

                You might think that’s harsh wording but I don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old vase, or the TV, or family pet. If the gun is pointed at something you are not willing to destroy and it goes off, it’s too late. If four rules for gun safety is too much then at least heed this one. If you always keep it pointed in a safe direction and it goes off then it should be a learning lesson that everyone can walk away from.

Rule number 3. Always keep your finger off the trigger (until you’re ready to shoot).

                Guns are set up ergonomically and it’s only natural that your finger wants to go inside the trigger guard and rest on the trigger. Be aware of this and make it a point to keep your finger off the trigger. Even if you are sure the gun is empty, still, resting on the trigger is the best way to have the gun go “bang”. If you happen to be handling a firearm around others, keeping your finger off the trigger will help keep them at ease that you know what you’re doing.

 Rule number 4. Always know what your target is and what is behind it.

                This is the only rule that actually has to do with the shooting aspect of firearms. You should always know what you’re aiming at. Not just aiming in a direction because you heard a noise or thinking it’s a squirrel and it turns out to be the neighbor’s cat. Always know what is behind your target. If your target is paper, it will not stop the bullet, so what will? Make sure you have a backstop that can stop the round you are shooting, a hill side, berm, shooting pit, large logs, etc. We would all like to think we can hit the backstop with every shot but what if you miss? Where is that round going? All things you need to think about before pulling the trigger.



12/02/2015 10:34pm

If you always keep it pointed in a safe direction and it goes off then it should be a learning lesson that everyone can walk away from.

09/05/2016 6:42pm

I agree that people should know about these 4 basic rules of gun-safety. Even for those who don't own guns! You never know when you will have to handle one or when someone else handles one but doesn't know the rules of gun-safety. Better safe than sorry, right? I myself have been taught the 1st and 2nd rules as a kid since -- my dad told me those when my late grandpa gave me his old airsoft gun. The 3rd one just came naturally to me. But the last rule, I never really thought of it before! Yeah bullets can go through different materials, and just shooting at something you can destroy isn't just enough for you might easily damage (or hurt) something behind it if you aren't aware enough.

04/12/2016 8:28am

Until you have use proper gun safe you can't avoid the misuse of your firearm. So using a best gun safe will help you for your gun safety during any journey or at home.


Always so interesting to visit your site.What a great info, thank you for sharing. this will help me so much in my learning...

08/27/2016 3:40am

I always like to take these precautions while having a gun with me because avoiding such things can cause you a bad cost. These are good tips to keep in mind for the safety of your gum.

09/12/2016 3:06am

Thanks a lot for this valuable information about safety! This is really very helpful, everyone should read this!

09/30/2016 9:28am

Any individual who touches a gun ought to know these by heart. On the off chance that you claim a gun, it is YOUR duty to ensure anybody that TOUCHES it knows these standards by heart also.

10/02/2016 11:42pm

Thanks all your instructions . We should follow these safety steps to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

12/24/2016 4:12am

If you've just recently purchased a firearm or you've had a firearm for a while but haven't gone far enough yet to think about the best methods of safe keeping you'll want to start thinking about how to properly store that firearm. The simplest and best way to store a fire arm is to put it inside a gun safe.

01/02/2017 9:06pm

These type of gun safety laws are best for hunters as they gave a proper right for hunting even there are strict gun rules in that area.

01/16/2017 3:36am

Thanks for great informations

09/05/2017 11:37pm

Thank you for sharing these safety tips with us, would be much helpful.

09/06/2017 12:19am

Everyone should know these safety rules.


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